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      Anchor your personal style with The Navy Diver

      The Navy Diver

      THE NAVY DIVER is about being unique in the way you anchor your personal style. Creating cool swimwear and underwear for every individual.  Established in 2010, THE NAVY DIVER is really fashionable, really fun and really comfortable for real men. Mixing unique style with everyday comfort, there’s something for every guy in every size from S to XXL. Proudly Australian made and owned, it’ll bring out the everyday hero in you.

      At the time of THE NAVY DIVER’s worldwide launch in 2010, one of the faces of the brand was former Navy Diver and shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder, a true Australian icon. In February of 2009, Navy Diver Paul De Gelder defied all odds by surviving a near fatal attack by a three-metre bull shark. Despite life-changing injuries, Paul became an unlikely ambassador for shark conservation taking part in the United Nations conference in New York where he raised awareness to protect the shark species from over-fishing.

      Conservationist, THE NAVY DIVER underwear model, Aussie hero and bon vivant – he vigorously trains in the gym and prides himself in wearing THE NAVY DIVER’s Australian made products. ‘A bold, unique and very comfortable pair of men’s underwear. Love the green and gold pair!’ His story and journey has captivated the world over.

      In 2011, THE NAVY DIVER added swimwear to its range. Simple pieces in a sexy silhouette, this range was all about being body beautiful. And so to match the mood of the range, where else was better to shoot this campaign than in body-beautiful Miami? Showcasing iconic styles in fresh and simple shade, this range has set the standard as a new classic.

      Buy Australia’s Best Mens Underwear, Designer Swimwear Online. ‘Fun, fit and functional – it’s time to join the guys and become THE NAVY DIVER.’

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