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      The Navy Diver X Nathan Herbert. Former Australian Military Intelligence Analyst

      Part One: Comradeship, Brotherhood and the Stoic mind


      A former Australian Military Intelligence Analyst with 26 years military experience.

      We put Nathan in the hot seat to talk about his 26 year military service, working on the front line and his near death experiences. We also delve into the importance of Comradeship, Brotherhood, the Stoic Mind.

      In Nathan’s own words, “The fact that we were going through a lot of hard times together and you either made it or you got broken. And it brought us closer together because we were going through hard times together, arduous hard times. I think that’s what brings people together. In grunts, you were there as a team and you had to help each other to get through. That’s what made them so stoic.” Nathan Herbert.

      Being passionate advocates for veteran suicide and mental health, we want to give a shout out to Swiss 8 for the fantastic work they are doing in support of veteran suicide and prevention. If you need help with your mental health or know someone that does, feel free to reach out to

      Part Two: The Fighting Spirit & The Inside Battle

      December 11, 2019
      The Navy Diver’s interview with Australian War Hero, Warrant Officer David Simpson
      David survived a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attack while serving on the frontline.
      February 6, 2021
      The Navy Diver X Ant Plater. Former Australian Special Forces Operator
      The Navy Diver X Ant Platers. A former Australian Special Forces Operator and counter...

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