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      The Navy Diver X Dane Britton. Former Australian Army Veteran and Senior Constable for the Queensland Police Service

      Walk the blue line


      We put Dane in the hot seat to talk about his 6 year military service, and his 12 and ongoing year career as a Senior Constable for the Queensland Police Service. We also talk about his near death experiences and Dane shares his personal thoughts on losing one his own Police comrade David Masters. 

      Queensland police officer Senior Constable David Masters was tragically killed on the Bruce Highway north of Brisbane while responding to a suspected stolen vehicle in June 2021. We dedicate this post to the memory of David and his beloved friends and family. 

      In Dane’s own words, “I received a phone call at a bit of a silly hour of the morning. It’s just those moments that you know that there’s an energy to it, that something’s not right. I received the news, and it was very hard to believe. We had friends who were in our academy class as well that were at the time now detectives who were out there having to work on a job involving a close mate, and that was difficult. I think more so to see them go through, then to accept that Dave was gone.“ Dane Britton

      Being passionate advocates for veteran suicide and mental health, we want to give a shout out to G02 Health, Survive To Thrive Nation and Mates for Mates for the fantastic work they are doing in support of veteran Suicide and prevention. 

      If you need help with your mental health, OR know someone that does, feel free to reach out to the groups below…

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