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      The Navy Diver’s interview with Andy Torbet (the real life Jason Bourne)

      A little background about Andy Torbet:

      Andy is ex-military and loves cave diving, sky diving and mountain climbing. He spent 10 years in the British Armed Forces as a Paratrooper, diver, and bomb disposal officer. His most notable dives include the Cave Of Skulls, a pothole system in Meall nan Aighean, and Scotland’s deepest pothole at 48 meters.

      We put Andy Torbet in the hot seat for an exclusive one on one video interview about his life, the catalyst for joining the British Armed Forces, and his experience in the military world. Andy also chats about what inspired his passion for cave diving and being mentally prepared when entering the under water world. PLUS this Legend reveals what he plans to conquer next. Here are is part one, two, three and four of our six part 30 minute interview below.

      Part One of our video interview is now LIVE on the link below… 

      In Part Two Andy Torbet chats about Cave Diving… “Of all the expeditions and activities that I do, cave diving has to be the most remote. Even when I am doing it in the UK. Because if you are solo cave diving, you are potentially 100 metres deep but also potentially a couple kilometres inside a cave system… you may as well be on the moon. Being underwater in cold, deep, dark, cave diving situations is the most hostile environment on earth.”

      Part two of our video interview is now LIVE on the link below…

      In Part Three, Andy Torbet chats about calculated risk and reveals that you cannot leave anything to chance when cave diving…. “It’s 99% hard work and 1% luck.  When it comes to things like cave diving or bomb disposal, if you’re relying in any way on luck, you are an idiot and you will die. There’s no graduation of injury with cave diving… cave diving is bangery, you either live or you die. No body gets injured cave diving… it either all goes well and you survive, it goes badly and you sort it out and you survive, or it goes badly, you don’t sort it out and you die… that’s it, those are your options.”

      Part three of our video interview is now LIVE on the link below…

      In Part Four, Andy Torbet chats about how his military service and experiences in the British Armed Forces shaped his life and the relationships he formed with his fellow veteran mates. Andy also shares his thoughts on PTSD. In Andy’s own words… “I am an ex-soldier, I will forever be an ex-soldier, I’ll never be a civi.”

      Part four of our video interview is now LIVE on the link below.

      Part five of our video interview is now LIVE on the link below.

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      • Jubilee Shoals

        A useful article. My husband and I run a diving center in Cyprus. We want to offer something more than diving to our customers, something different, thought provoking, unique and absolutely appealing. Open to any ideas? Complimentary refreshments already a given…

        September 9, 2019
        • The Navy Diver

          Thanks Jubilee, glad you enjoyed the interview.

          October 12, 2019

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